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Blog 7: Innovative uses of GPS/GIS

I work as a startup analyst at MassChallenge, a global startup accelerator that has been operating for 10 years in Boston. Through my work, I've been exposed to many interesting companies including some that use mapping for innovative purposes. I am going to introduce a few interesting and successful alumni from our program that are relevant to our discussions in class. This is not at all a comprehensive list but rather a sampler of some success stories that have passed through Boston.

Formerly Tellus Labs, Atlas Insights uses satellite data and machine learning to analyze and predict agricultural performance. They can get clean views of crops, their potential yield, and a litany of other information that can be fed into predictive models.

Strayos is an imaging and analytics company that uses data and drones to digitize mining, drilling, and excavation sites. Strayos uses 3d image processing, predictive models, and a visualizations/analysis platform. This can help contractors plan blast patterns for explosives, visualize ground drilling operations, and analyze rubble.

Silvaterra uses satellites and sophisticated analytics to help timber companies better manage the $200 billion of timberlands they own. They have tools to plan and analyze logging plots for either growing or harvest. They also have free GIS tools that can help manage arbor in parks, and a new analytical platform that can be used for forestry analysis targeted logging, and carbon sequestration.

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