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Blog 8: IoT

I'll share an interesting segment of IoT that some are starting to think about which is smart toilets.

As our homes and lives become more connected to technology, it's only a matter of time before the bathroom becomes smart too. Companies both large and small have been investigating the many insights and benefits that can be drawn from connecting out bathrooms. The best place to clean up, and gain insights on our bodies is obviously the toilet. Everyone uses some sort of toilet, and what better place to collect biometric data for health than from a free and consistent source of skin contact and bodily fluid? There are also opportunities to make our experiences on the loo less gross.

My work experience led me to find Voyant Diagnostics, a company that is working on an add-on device for hospital toilets that automates the urine testing process. I like their solution because it's an add-on IoT device that allows people to get an instant analysis of urine for UTIs, kidney disease, diabetes, and pregnancy. The solution is currently targeting hospitals, but there are many applications for the future including drug testing, personal health, and more. It also tidies up the uncomfy process of peeing in a cup and handing it off to someone.

This is one specific example but Panasonic, Toto, and even Bill Gates have hopped on the flush of new tech and opportunities for smart toilets. Heart rate, weight, trends in bathroom activities, hydration, BMI, and even blood pressure.

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