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Senior Capstone - Sound Sensitivity Associated Vitals

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Collaborated with 3 electrical engineers to build a prototype system/application for

our project sponsor, Dr. Bonnie Schnitta.

Read our Final Report.

Financial Business Plan

Fall 2020

Click here to read the full plan.

Completed a comprehensive financial business plan for my hypothetical photography business.

Created financial assumptions, pro forma statements, and analyzed investor returns.

Surfboard Engineering Model and Animation

Fall 2019

Designed, modeled, assembled, animated, and made a product render of my dream surfboard

using Inventor, Autocad, and 3DS Max.

Lamp Engineering Drawings and Assembly

Fall 2019

Designed, modeled, assembled, and annotated a lamp using Inventor and AutoCAD.

Human Factors Design - POS System

Fall 2018

Final Report

Usability Test

System Walkthrough

App Walkthrough

I worked with a group to develop an alternative Point of Sale system. Specifically, I designed/ran both usability tests and assisted with making mockups in sketch. We started with a concept with smartphone scanners, but informal user testing revealed several limitations with this model. We then pivote to an RFID hardware component designed to eliminate the repetitive and tedious process of scanning items. The team put a high-fidelity mockup of the software component and general scanner layout through a usability test, which informed several key design alterations.

Advanced Hearing Protection Concept

Fall 2018

Click here to see our financial model, strategy, and business plan.

Conceptualized a new design for advanced military hearing protection and created a product based on user needs from an active SBIR Grant. Worked the concept into a fully-fledged business plan with with a scalable strategy. Completed as a class project and had concept validation from an audio engineering firm.

ad final.png

UNIfy Brand Strategy

Fall 2018

Click here to see the full branding guidelines.

UNIfy is the first student-run organization focused on bridging different entrepreneurship programs from colleges and universities in the Boston area and is centered around three pillars: connect, educate, and ignite. Through targeted and diverse programming, UNIfy seeks to bring together and serve a wide variety of entrepreneurial-minded students across the city.

APA Research Replication

Fall 2018

Click here to view the APA manuscript

Conducted an direct replication of a study designed to test curiosity and its effects on emotions. Tested participants, collected and secured data, ran data analysis scripts, and reported findings in APA format.

Medical Device Cart

Fall 2018

Researched user needs for a cart that holds 2 cancer treatment devices. We made user requirements,  initial sketches, a PUGH matrix, and then I rendered the cart in Rhino.


Psychological Effects of Music Distraction [Research Review]

Spring 2018

Click here to view

Wrote a Mini Review paper on music as a distraction, and its potential to reduce pain and suffering.

IMG_0165 copy.jpg

Matlab image processor

Spring 2017

Click here to view a video walkthough

The image processor had an interactive GUI that changes the orientation, contrast, color values, brightness, file type, and contrast curve characteristics. This tool allowed the user to edit photos to improve certain qualities or make other aspects more visible while also having usability aspects such as an undo button and the ability to reset the application.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.32.18

Rescue Drone UI

Fall 2016
Created a mockup of UI/controller for a rescue drone. Done for a group project.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 8.12.13 PM.png

HAS Business Plan

Fall 2016

Click here to view our business plan

Led a student team for the semester to create a business plan centered around a new earplug design. I found the opportunity, got mentorship from an acoustics professional, and pitched the idea in class.

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